How to Structure An Art Essay

An art essay describes art in painting, music, portraits, architecture and sculpture. An essay is meant for two main purposes:

  • Painting visual pictures. The essay should showcase visual arts or any creative idea that an artist has come up with.
  • To improve creativity. It should provide a platform for students to paint the picture of their art images through words.

To come up with an essay writing topic, you need some tips.

  • You need to know the type of the art. Your art might be painting, music, sculpture or a diagram.
  • What is more intriguing about the art? What is it that you want to tell the audience about the art?
  • What is more interesting to you about the art? This helps you to narrow down the topic. You are writing what you know well.

You may have various essay topics to choose from. But the best art paper topic is what you do and know well. Any essay has a standard structure.

The introduction should identify the art. You should then state the reasons for choosing the topic as well as a brief history of the art.

Your thesis is part of the introduction. Make your thesis simple so that it is not confusing. You can do this by picking what you understand, what is relevant and simple.

The body paragraphs are where you derive your analysis. It should be based on your view. You should tell us why your art is appealing. Your piece of work should be unique. The essay should be at most five paragraphs. Each paragraph should be independent and speak for itself. The transition between the paragraphs should be smooth.

The best way to conclude an art paper is by stating the opinion. Why do you think the image was painted? This requires that you research a lot on the art’s background.

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