The Basic Essay Outline

In your life as a student, you will have to come across an essay writing exercise. This will apply to both high school and college students.  There are different types of essays that you may be asked to write by your course instructor. These include: analytical, interpretive, persuasive, narrative or expository essays. Essay writing requires that you know the basic essay outline. Persuasive, analytical and interpretive essays have got a similar outline. What brings the difference is the content under each section, especially in the body paragraphs. Below, I give the basic outline for essay. You can apply this for your 5 paragraph essay outline or your argumentative essay outline middle school.

  • Title: If you have not been provided with the title of your essay, you then need to come up with an interesting title.
  • Introduction: The first sentence of your introduction should have an hook to grab the attention of the reader. The next sentence should offer some detailed background information on your title. To get the background section correct, ask yourself the following questions: what is the problem? Who does it concern? Why is it important? The next sentence should be the thesis statement.
  • Body: Your body can be organized into paragraphs. Your paragraphs can be organized according to your ideas. Under each idea, provide like three supporting evidence.
  • Conclusion: Restate your thesis and give insights in your ending.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Outline

Each essay has the finer details that you have to look at. For the case of an argumentative essay outline, the introduction should lay the foundation of your impenetrable argument. Your argument is developed in the body paragraphs. In the body, show your claim. Under each claim, give supporting evidence that is factual. You should include reliable sources. In your argument essay outline, you can give as much evidence for your claim. At the conclusion section, show the importance of implanting your argument.

How To Write a Persuasive Essay Outline

A persuasive essay is intended for persuading your readers. You persuade by all means. You do not have to use facts.  Persuasive essay outline differs from the rest in its content. AIn the body paragraphs section, you give your reasons. They may be as many as you have. Under each reason, give your supporting fact or examples. You can have as many body paragraphs as your reasons.

How To Write a Narrative Essay Outline.

A narrative essay is an essay where you tell a story. You use both storytelling and easy composing tricks. First person narration is allowed. In the narrative essay outline, the difference comes with the body where you have to begin by giving the setting of the event you will be telling about. This is followed by explaining the characters to be involved. You then give a short anecdote followed by the onset of the event. Show the climax and end. Your conclusion should give the moral of the story and probably a call for action. Still not gotten it? You can follow our essay outline example and get further information on how to write an essay outline.

How To Draft Basic Essay Outlines With Ease. Writing an essay outline shouldn’t be hard and depressing. Check out this basic step by step guide on how to get all your outlines right on all occasions

First Things First – What is an Essay Outline?

When writing an essay, you need an outline that will provide you with the structure and guidance during the drafting process. Your essay outline should summarize the content of your essay in a sensible manner. Outlining an essay is an important skill. At times, your professor will require an outline of your essay even before you submit the full essay.  You need to keep learning so as to be able to develop an effective essay outline.

How Do You Prepare Your Paper Outline?

Whether it is an APA essay outline, a college essay outline, a research essay outline, an analytical essay outline or a descriptive essay outline, there is a standard procedure that you can use to prepare outlines for essays.

Begin by reading your paper assignment guidelines carefully. Highlight the keywords and phrases. Seek for clarification if there is something you have not gotten clear.

Develop your topic

Some papers come with topics while in others you have to develop the topic on your own. You get your topic from your ideas. Begin by writing down all your ideas. Cluster your main ideas and note the sub-ideas under each. Question yourself about the ideas.

  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Who?
  • Why?
  • How?

Answer these questions under each idea.

Identify your purpose

This is what you would like to accomplish with your Paper. Do you want to narrate, to describe, to argue, to persuade, or what do you exactly want? Your purpose should match your assignment.

Identify your audience

Who is going to read your essay? Is it your professor, or strangers? What do you think are their needs and expectations from your paper? What could be their possible reaction to your paper?

Develop your thesis

You can now write an effective thesis statement. Do it in one sentence. Your thesis should be arguable and provide enough detail.

Choose an alphameric structure for your outline

Start writing your body paragraphs. You can have section titles and subsections.

Provide your conclusion

This should remind the reader what your introduction was. Restate your thesis and give a concluding statement.

You can follow this format for your essay outlines.

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