How to Perfect Your Essay Review Writing Skills

Essay review is evaluating the feelings of the writer on the significant points of the author about the literature. In the review, the literature or the book is discussed critically. The writer of the essay should be able to support the opinions of the book through evidence drawn from the book.

The writer of a review should first understand the material that he/she are reviewing. They need to have facts drawn from the book so that the reader can easily understand the book without having to sit down and read the entire book.

How To Write a Review Essay

Once in awhile, your professor may issue your with a paper review assignment. Whenever given this type of an assignment, your course instructor imagines that you have read and understood the book or the literature or you have at least watched the movie. Understanding the book enables you to grasp the claims and extract them together with the facts when it comes to writing a review essay.

Many students tend to confuse the review with a summary. These are totally two different things. A book summary highlights the events and characters of the story whereas a review gives the claims of the story, supported with evidence.

You should write a review in bits that will make the reader understand the book. You need an essay outline so that your essay looks organized. Writing a review is an arty process.  Be it a critical review essay or a movie review essay, or a literature review essay, the below procedure must be followed to the latter.

  • From your ideas get an interesting title
  • Write an introduction paragraph that begins with an hook to grab your audience. Follow this with a thesis statement.
  • Write your body paragraphs. In each paragraph, begin with a sentence title. Follow it with a claim. Your claim should be supported by evidence drawn from the book. it can be in form of quotes if it has been directly lifted from the book.
  • Write as many paragraphs as your claims.

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