What is a custom persuasive essay

Persuasive essay writing involves the use of logic and reason to portray the idea of an individual as more justifiable. This type of writing uses solid research and examples to attempt to persuade an audience on taking a particular standpoint. Most of the time, persuasive essays focus on controversial topics, myths or theories that are yet to be established as true or otherwise. To this end, they utilize a lot of information from experts in various fields.

Writing a persuasive essay paper entails several things

Writing persuasive essays requires a lot of care and research. Any custom persuasive essay requires support of arguments using facts, statistics, quotes, and real life examples. A powerful persuasive essay paper is supposed to show the audience that the author is well-read. This way, it is easy to develop confidence.

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Persuasive essay writing requires prowess in the following

  • First, it would not hurt to be well informed on the topic at hand.

In order to become well-informed, it is necessary to have the relevant exposure. Read extensively on the topic and find out what scholars, theorists and researchers have said about it.

  • Make sure you develop a thesis that has more than one side; a proposing and opposing side. This makes it possible to debate on the topic. For example, if you are writing about abortion, sample theses may read

“abortion is harmful to the health of all women”. This is a thesis that allows your argument to oppose and propose it.

  • Understand your viewpoint and support it. Your work is to ensure that you disapprove anything that negates your position.

For example, if you do not support the idea that abortion is harmful to the health of women, make sure you use facts that show inconsistencies in the thesis.

  • Use a lot of evidence to support your position.

Using the thesis above, you could tell people that evidence shows that young women who aborted have managed to have other children in the future. That instead of suffering with bringing up a child at an inappropriate time, abortion alleviates unnecessary stress for mothers.

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The sole purpose of a persuasive essay is to help an audience make an informed decision based on the opinion of the author. The idea here is to convince the audience that your opinion is the best. The end result is to obtain support on an opinion and changing the minds of those who are opposing the standpoint of the author.

Persuasive essays handle a plethora of topics including aspects related to culture, politics, legal and human rights among others. These topics are normally highly controversial, and they can be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. What makes them highly confusing is the quagmire they develop from the numerous supporting arguments connected to each point of view.

Example topics on persuasive essay touch on sensitive subjects such as abortion, legalization of marijuana, gun ownership and global warming among others.

If you want to write a persuasive essay, follow these steps;

  • Take a position. What side of the argument will you be supporting?
  • Develop several points that support your argument and one or two that are against your argument.
  • Develop an outline.
  • Generate further information and examples for your outline.
  • Write your essay.

When you write a persuasive essay, give as many examples as you can especially those that support your argument.

Here are some more persuasive essay tips to help you come up with quality paper.

  • Expound your arguments as far as you can.
  • Be concise and clear especially on the topic sentences.
  • Choose controversial topics, not one whose argument is straightforward.

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Here is an example of a persuasive essay on why one should take a personality test before deciding on which direction to take in regards to career development.

“When it comes to career development, it is very important to understand your personality as it helps you choose the right profession. For instance, it is necessary for INFJ’s to be in a position where they can research on a variety of aspects. As intuitive people, INFJ’s are highly interested in solving problems by listening to the opinions of other people. This trait that is effective in an environment that is challenging such as nursing. The combination of intuition and judgment may prove useful when it comes to developing evidence-based research.”

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