Why is Reflective Essay an Important Genre?

A reflective essay is a common genre in the academic world. It is used as a tool by academicians to encourage students to think about themselves; how they feel, what has been learned, and how they changed.

How does Our Reflection Essay Help You?

Yes, we are pioneers in writing reflection essay, and thousands of students depend on our service every year. And the secret? Simple, not everybody can do it. Reflection is purely based on personal experiences, observations, and feelings. So there is the danger that much of the essence can be lost if the reflection comes through the words of a third person. It cannot be as personal as written by the first person. To overcome this hurdle, we have employed an array of brilliant writers who are capable of understanding your writing needs easily through years of writing experience. In addition, to make it really personal, we allow you to interact with your writer throughout the progress of the work. The benefit is that the writer gets a chance to ask you for clarifications where needed and you can ensure that the essay reflects exactly what you feel, not what somebody else feels. Finally, we write in the right way. Well, is there a right way? Yes, of course. Writing a reflection for a magazine is different from writing a reflection for a college course. Then what is the difference? Read on.

What is a Reflective Essay? An Overview

Even after writing many reflective essays, some students find it difficult to explain what is a reflective essay. A reflective essay definition, in the simplest possible form, is that reflective writing involves writing one’s thoughts about a specific experience. Is it beneficial? Yes, it benefits in a number of ways. Firstly, it helps you to think about that experience more deeply and learn from it. Secondly, it is a way to link your experience with what you have learned in the class. Finally, it is a way to make a connection between your thinking, your action, and your academic knowledge.

What is the Right Reflective Essay Format?

Usual reflective essay examples contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, though the reflective essay format varies according to the situation. In reflective essays, the introduction usually reveals what part of the writer’s life the reflection is going to focus on. Following this, the body paragraphs explain the changes that have come up and what the writer has learned. In the conclusion, the writer sums up, saying how the change has affected his or her life.

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What is a Reflection Essay and How to Write It?

It is common in the academic setting to write reflective essays. However, many students do not know how to write a reflective essay. So, being the leaders in the writing service industry, we help students to write good reflection essays, including personal reflection essay.

A typical reflection essay sample contains an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction intends to show what aspect of your life the reflection covers. In the body paragraphs, you might explain your feelings; what you felt good, bad, interesting, uninteresting, useful, and ambiguous; how it relates to your academic learning; how the reflection changes your worldview; and how this will change your performance in future, and so on. The conclusion is a summary of the thoughts, saying how the change has affected the writer’s life.

However, a reflective essay outline is not so rigid. It changes slightly according to the situation. For example, a college reflection essay is not the same as a reflective essay for a magazine. Some common reflective essay topics are; what you can do to better perform in your studies, your experience of teamwork, how you felt doing an assignment, how you felt reading a book, and so on and on.

What Exactly Does a Reflection Essay Look Like?

A typical reflection essay example is as follows:

  • Introduction-This describes the present state of the writer and the particular event or experience on which the reflection is based.
  • Your Feelings- In this paragraph, it is a good idea to explain how you felt during and after the event
  • Evaluation of the Event- this paragraph intends to point out the different aspects of the experience, including what was interesting, uninteresting, useful, easy, useless, ambiguous, and difficult and so on.
  • Analysis- Here the experience is analyzed in the light of what you have learned in the class. The event and your feelings are reassessed based on your knowledge.
  • Conclusion-State what you have learned, what you couldn’t understand based on your current knowledge, how you can improve yourself, and sum up saying how this experience will change your future course of action.
  • Action plan- Produce an action plan showing how you are going to combine both learning and doing.

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