Popular Speeches Topics in College

This is probably one of the painful assignments students encounter in their college education. With fear of public speaking gripping deep down many students, how then could this assignment be easy? We have the answers. Having done speech writing for decades, we have perfected the art and come up with dos and don’ts in these papers. We have a collection of speeches topics written by professionals over time. Some of the popular topics that you will find here include:

  • Speech about myself
  • Speech on Leadership
  • Speech about a health issue
  • Speech on careers in social sciences
  • Ways to save money in college

Above is just a short list of the speeches that are in our database. With years of training and perfection, we have improved greatly and mastered the art of speech writing topics. Several of our speeches have earned awards over the years.

A preview of these and many more topics is available to students who register with us. We also have some free speech topics that you can explore right now. We have been tested and proven over time with students coming over and over again to get tips and pieces of advice on the writing techniques of perfect speeches. The majority of our students find their way here to get complete help on their assignments plus some tips on public speaking. Most teachers and instructors will be interested to see how a student presents his or her speech in public. Having observed this over time, we can almost predict that your instructor will demand that you read out the speech in front of your class. Lucky for you, we have several tips that we recommend to our clients for a successful public speaking session.

Key elements of informative speech topics

Informative speech topics are the easiest; they are meant to give information to the audience regarding an item. We have various topics prepared to give you a hint on the structure, tone, and content of a neat, informative speech. To clarify on these three issues, we have a compilation of informative speech topics drawn from various academic levels targeting different audience. An informative speech is usually formal, and the tone should be official, unlike other speeches. See more about this on our website.

Here are some persuasive speech topics

Unlike an informative speech, persuasive speech topics are meant to convince the audience to perform an action. Some of the topics that these speeches will take include why you should stop smoking, abolishing the death penalty, why you should remain a Christian, and the government should legalize marijuana among other topics. We have done speech writing for a long time and have gathered a lot of persuasive topics for your perusal. We guarantee quality, speed, and originality.

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